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Common mistakes in skincare routine.

since we know that there are three types of skin the mixed the dry and the oily skin and each type of skin has his own mistakes that we are doing everyday without our knowing that may destroy our skin layers or can be a very beginning of wrinkles happy pigmentation acne and redness

oily skincare mistakes:

  • Not moisturizing is not most rise in it because we think that it has enough oil to be moisturized and that’s very dangerous mistake because we destroy the first layer of the skin which is responsible for staying hydrated and to protect the deep layer of the skin from the sunburn
  • exfoliation I should exfoliate every single day so they get red off oil and bacteria stuck in the face but this is a very dangerous mistake it’s better to do it it’s twice a week
  • Not wearing sunscreen with high SPF
  • using makeup removal wipes the first cause of pimples and hyper-pigmentation
  • Not drinking enough water a day
  • Using soap instead of gel cleanser …the soap dry the skin from necessary oils
  • And the most important thing is changing the bills cover because every time you sleep on it you let the bacteria to get into your face you need to change it three times a week
  • Smoking and drinking alcohols

dry skin:

Dry skin
  • dry in your face with a towel before applying moisturizer
  • Not Applying moisturizer quickly after cleansing your face
  • What’s your face with a very hot water because that can even make your face more dryer and red
  • Of course not drinking enough water and focus only on coffee and sugar food
  • Cleansing your face too harshly
  • Wearing very heavy makeup or matte makeup
  • Skippy the sunscreen or using a chemical SPF.
  • Not using face oils or serums to replace vitamins and oils in the dry face

Mixed skin:

first thing is that the mixed skin is a combination between very dry Zone in the face and very oily Zone that we call it the T-Zone which is the forehead and the chain

dealing with this type of skin is very hard because we we can use both products for dry skin and oily skin but sometimes our skin act very sensitivity to those products so for mixed skin people they need to take very serious care for their skin but the very used common mistakes are

  • applying a very heavy moisturizer
  • not double cleansing a day the first cleanser is the oil is cleanser and the second one is foam cleanser
  • Not wearing a sunscreen or wearing a chemical one
  • Skipping SPF
  • Using face wipes
  • Over exfoliate
  • Using a scrub
  • Shower with a very hot water
  • Picking your skin or touching it with dirty hands

Best skincare routine to follow for all skin types:

  • double cleansing the first one must be an oily cleanser in the second one must be a foam or gel cleanser you can use a silicone brush for face but don’t push it too hard
  • What’s your face with cold water
  • Moisturize (you must find the best moisturizer for your skin it depends on your skin type)
  • Using a serum it’s better to use vitamin c or vitamin e or retinal
  • Eye cream if you have dark circles under your eyes
  • You can use also twice a week a natural mask sheet mask and don’t forget to exfoliate twice a week
  • Of course the very and the most important thing ever to not forget is using SPF and drinking enough water we can’t get a result without protection hours came from the Sun and hydrating it from the inside outside
  • And don’t forget that the frequency of following this routine is the key of the perfect glowy skin and let me tell you it exists the glory skin does exist


  1. Cogito says:

    Hi Maryem. Very interesting article. I have dry skin by myself and I know how difficult is to keep it in good condition. Looking on your post I realized that IM making few of mentioned mistakes myself. Of course I knew that drinking water is essential but had no idea that cleaning face with hot water may be so problematic. Looking forward to test your recommendations in practice.

  2. Jenni Elliott says:

    Hi Maryem, I’ve just read your article about common mistakes in skincare routine. I have a very dry skin, so I was certainly most interested in that section to discover if I was doing anything radically wrong. Thankfully, I am not. Your article is very useful, because it is so easy to do the wrong thing when we think we are taking good care of our skin. Thank you.

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