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Discover your skin

Have you ever heard about the Collagen fibers?In publicity for some skin care projects for have you ever heard of dermatologist talking about the importance of collagen in our skin and how it has a very important role in aging I bet you did that’s why we will let you know the structure of your skin and the role of the collagen.

The aging process:

Skin is the largest organ in our body and Since we were born our skin release a substance that it’s called collagen that’s provide our skin to stay youthful glowy and without wrinkles but did you know that every year our skin lose 1% of collagen.

We can’t really stop the loss of the collagen every year but like we have here heard that are some products that may and more and more But before that let’s talk about what our skin needs before the starting of the aging process. Basically there are some few things that can help the skin just say glowy and healthier more through Time .

  • First thing first is drinking plenty of water cuz as we know our body needs 70% of water stay alive and be quantity of that percent is based in skin
  • then the action of cleansing or double cleansing over cleansing and gel cleansing which remove all the dead skin and all the dirty bacteria everything from the skin so it’s stay clean
  • helps can the skin to stay young fights wrinkles and reduce the chance if skin problems
  • and the last thing we can do and let’s say it’s the most important action is the SPF the protection from the Sun cuz basically as we know the sun can damage and destroy all those tips that we worked for for so long
Aged skin VS young skin

the causes of collagen lost

We all going to age we all going to have wrinkles and really tired skin through time and with age but we can help our skin to defend all these through time with a very easy and basic steps either enough protein drinking enough water isn’t just the only thing we can do cuz our skin in the Deep layers of our skin need more protection than just that we can say that our mental health has very big effect on our skin it can cause us some acne pimples dehydration a lot of other serious and bad sicknesses that can attack our skin cuz if I were in stable mental health like stress over time working eating disorder

skin types

As we may know there are three types of skin the the oily skin the mixed and the dry skin and every type has his own routine care but before we explain this let’s just sit on the road that the dry skin is more attacked by wrinkles and Asian process because it LucjsBasic oils Natural ones moisturizingrising that can help the collagen to work better and stay longer

Before and after following Basic skin routine for anti aging

conclusion :

aging; wrinkles are very natural symptoms that we all going to have someday growing older but we should reduce the intensity of this skin problems by following the skin care routine and respecting the structure of our skin

At the end we need all the respect love and care for our skin


  1. AhmedKhalil76 says:

    You have provided a good, brief and very useful article. The very important information in this article is the intake of water. Many of us are ignorant of the importance of water in our lives and in building body tissues, especially the skin.

    Also your use of the pictures was very successful, to show the big difference between the different skin tissues, amazing.

    good luck.

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