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DIY your skincare Detox

what is detox?

detoxification stand for implies specific diet or using specific products that help your body to get rid of toxins improving health skin hair and promoting healthy weight lost and it’s the intern body cleanser and body shaper but people are away from the fact that some ingredients we use in our detox have a very remarkable effect on our skincare routine or just ageing Process.

most famous DIY detox

lemon for antioxidants..ginger and mint —> in the early morning before breakfast

Lemon juice. Hot water… watermelon and cucumber for weight lost and nourish the skin.

grapefruit.. parsley and apple vinegar usually it’s so good for weight lost hair care and boosting energy

carrot juice mint and lemon

eating your water is a way to help your skin your hair and your whole body from the inside outside

detox routine in 5 days
detox sign ☢️

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