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Japanese skincare beauty secrets

have you ever wondered why Japanese women never age.. that’s a glory perfect skin no wrinkles no scars no acne nothing just glowy will let me tell you it’s Japanese traditional beauty secrets follow generation from generation and it’s basic on three things the face massage the liquid diet and three skin care hacks.

face massage

Face massage or face yoga is very popular thing between Asians but specially Japanese that involves the use of hands or other tools for better blood circulation it’s relaxes facial muscles , decreases puffiness and wrinkles

Japanese ladies use the technique 2 to 3 times a week to sculpt the cheekbones.. define the Jawline smooth the forehead and to prevent the fox eyes with no wrinkles

The moves of face massaging

The liquid diet.

basically it’s a diet with more water juice and less calories

soup all kinds of juice green tea all these are your skin favorite thing whatever you drink more water and juices full of vitamins whatever your skin is more glowy and it doesn’t age .. but have you ever heard about matcha it’s a very common drink that ladies adore because of its benefits to the skin it’s help to combat the stress reduce the wrinkles anti inflammatory and protects from the Sun pollution and greasy food damages will completely change the structure of your skin for a better one

skin care hacks

this hacks we’ve never been told but in Japan it’s a necessary thing to do first thing first use a lotion or a watery liquid moisturizer two times a day the morning one with SPF and another one without SPF for the night routine never use a full coverage foundation because it’s prevents acne and close the pores of your skin in general makeup should be complement to your skin not to hide your skin or change your look ,and last but not least Cube over your face after cleansing it to refresh your skin and provide a better blood circulation

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