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Natural ingredients for skincare

not just about using products because we all know that even though the product is good it has some chemical ingredients we all can see the good results after using some but deep inside in the skin pores that are some bad effects So today we’re going to see some natural ingredients masks and tuner that we can use on our daily routine without the fear of have a bad effect they are all natural organic soft and 100% available in every house but first why do we need to use natural ingredients?

The benefits of natural ingredients in skincare

what Factory doesn’t want us to know all the products that we are buying are extract from natural sources but added to them some chemical substance..

in skincare the natural ingredients give us the glowy glass skin because they are so light on the skin and have a lot of vitamins in it so these are the best five ingredients to have in your monthly skin care routine as a mask or as a tuner

  • Honey 🍯 it has an antibacterial property zapping any zit-causing bacteria that might be lingering on the skin, boost skin natural healing and recovery process and finally delay the aging and fine line process
  • Alo vera : soothing skin irritation.. moisturizer dry skin.. whiteness skin… Relive Burns.. improve wrinkles and natural makeup removal
  • jojoba oil: deals with sunburn..act like cuticle oil .. make-up removal and moisturizer
  • Flaxseed gel: natural cleanser.. close pores moisturize the skin and help with white heads
  • rose water: rose water as a tuner after washing our face it’s smooth and boost the blood circulation it cleans the Deep layer of the skin and has a very natural fragrance
  • shea butter: moisturizing and an anti-inflammatory fades scars and blackheads protect against free radical and heal burns.

DIY face mask with natural ingredients:

  • is a weekly mask we do it once a week we mix spoon of honey with spoon of flaxseed gel and we applied on the face after removing makeup for 25 minutes after rinsing it off we apply rose water as a tuner
  • Second mask is also a weekly mask once a week we apply aloe vera gel with some drops of tea tree oil and spoon of honey we apply this mask to get rid of acne scarring wrinkles around the nose and the eyes and to remove Sun effects from the face after rinsing it off we apply rose water as a tuner
  • Also use a mask mixed off shea butter aloe vera and honey as a hair care mask before shower and of course after rinsing it off we use some rose water on the hair to stay hydrated
  • Can you see a butter as a very good makeup removal and after the mask we use rose water as a tuner and we can use aloe vera gel as moisturizer and it’s better to use the natural ingredients once a week and for the rest of the days we use our daily product

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