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skin best friend’s food

Have you ever wondered how food does affect your skin or if what’s your eating right now can harm or can help you to have a glowing skin what are these foods and how we classify them

In the last 4 years the nutritions in many scientists has found that what we eat inside can affect our outside appearance whatever it’s your skin or it’s your hair 

And it’s not just going on diet to prevent some vitamins but it’s what every food can do to your skin and what’s the quantity of every dish we need to have every day to provide the good skin look.

YUM food VS RUN food for skin

RUN food:

Some food thought they just taste so yummy to us can damage our skin and three different levels

  • First thing the moisturizing effect Cola sugar drinks sweets fast food lot of coffee are not the healthiest food you can provide for your skin because simply your buddy need more water and less sugar so it can stay hydrated all day but this food they just turn your skin to dry in a very sensitive skin
  • The wrinkles effect: Fatty food oils fries potatoes ketchup Mayo mustard are very good friends of wrinkles and they just help your skin to age faster every single day
  • Acne: Canned food and fried food massage and sugar are the first goes of acne and hyperpigmentation so try to stay away from them.

YUM food:

Fatty fish full with omega 3 acids and vitamin E for antioxidants Avocados for moisturizing and anti aging because they are high beneficial fats and full of vitamins C and E and protect skin from sun damage Sunflower seeds are big treasure for skin redness Sweet potatoes pepper and broccoli.

drink lot of water about 3L a day fresh juice and tomato salad drink coffee with less sugar and last but not least eat dark chocolate.

Good and bad food for skin .

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