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The benefits, harms and effects of the sun on the skin and face

     When summer arrives and the family is getting ready for a pleasant summer vacation, whether on the sea, in the mountains or anywhere for recreation and rest, it should not be forgotten that it is accompanied by exposure to the scorching rays of the sun which can cause damage to our various skin types, or it can give us a new glow by acquiring the skin a bronze color. The wonderful thing that increases our beauty and radiance, both cases compel you, dear reader, to know the issues related to the positive or negative effects of skin exposure to the sun.I – Benefits of the sun for the skin It is rare for a doctor to recommend exposing diseased skin to the sun, but there are a few exceptions, the first of which is the treatment of acne, as the sun affects this rash by draining the pus it contains. , we therefore note that the skin of the residents of the seaside shores is free from this rash.The sun is essential to treat certain spotsThe other case when treating wounds with a wide page, medium and bright white red edges, or those clearly defined little red spots that affect the nose, where the sun usually in addition to the open air is the basis of its treatment, as it has been known for years.The sun helps in the treatment of some ulcers of the diseaseIn a study on the role of sun exposure in the treatment of chronic wounds and ulcers, such as: diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers and arterial ulcers resulting from a lack of arterial blood supply, j I have shown that the basis of treatment for this type of ulcers is exposure to heat with high radiation, whether by cauterization, electrical coagulation or X-rays. The natural sun must be in focus.The sun is a cure for vitiligoLikewise, diseases that distort beauty, such as vitiligo (leprosy), which are significantly improved if treated with special treatment, based on exposure to the sun after using substances that cause sensitivity to the areas white, and the protection of very brown areas containing a substance based on (menthyl salicylate), which is considered a natural product for anyone Canadian plant species have an oily texture and taste very similar to the taste of mint, this substance easily penetrates the pores of the skin and provides good protection against the sun’s rays.


What are the solutions if I am not getting the amount of sunlight I need?

Lime injections, or what is called Devarol injection, are used for severe vitamin D deficiency in the body which claims to be a delay in the eruption of teeth in children or a delay in the walking or the occurrence of osteomalacia in them. , as things get better for them from these injections, but they come with a lot of risks. It has to be pointed out, dear reader, and it is:

This can lead to kidney stones due to the high level of calcium in the blood, leading to kidney failure. 

  • It can lead to blood poisoning with vitamin D, an undissolved vitamin, and getting rid of it is not easy.
  • It can cause allergic reactions in children, cyanosis of the face, and sometimes fainting, and this varies from child to child depending on genetic and environmental factors.

II – Risks of excessive exposure to the sun 

Indeed, yes, the sun causes the emergence of certain skin diseases, the most important of which we will highlight:

Sun exposure increases the risk of developing freckles

It appears in childhood or adolescence, it is a small pale yellow or brown spot that resembles a shaped lens, especially appearing on the face and arms, if these spots are poor in winter, the advent of the summer increases their prominence by the influence In the hearts of girls and women, to avoid its aggravation, it is necessary to protect the head with a hat and smear the body with an ointment based on (antipirine), in particular ( methyl salicylate) when exposed to the sun.


As for the removal of freckles, it is by (creams), (mercury and oxygenated lotion), or by touching each freckle with (salicylic acid), or (resorcinol), but if the number of freckles freckle is small, it can be treated with electrical coagulation (used in dermatological procedures to stop bleeding and remove scars and warts on the skin), since these preparations are prescribed only under medical supervision by a dermatologist after the correct diagnosis and full of disease by him.

The sun causes chloasma.

Melasma consists of irregular brown spots that appear on the forehead, temples and cheeks, with a diameter of several centimeters, where they appear mostly on the face of pregnant women and are called (the mask of the cord – pregnancy chloasma) , but if this chloasma persists after the child is born, it should be treated the same as we treated it Freckles and under the supervision of a specialist.


The sun makes the face red

It manifests as a lump or redness spreading on the cheeks, nose and cheeks, it most often appears on the face of young women, and the emergence of this disease promotes excessive consumption of spicy foods, and disorders digestive tract, bladder or ovaries, the disease eventually leaves permanent redness, so you must protect the face from the sun using a cream (witch hazel), a substance extracted from the witch hazel plant found in America North; It has many uses, the most important of which is its use as a blood vessel constrictor and fighting multiple skin infections, the most important of which is eczema.

red Face

The sun can cause lip painThis disease is characterized by the enlargement of the size of the lips, their redness and extension with the appearance of scales on them, or cracks in them, this disease can be caused by the use of lipstick or toothpaste, or exposure to the sun, which would increase this disease if it were present before being exposed to it. Treatment is simple. Non-irritating oily preparations reduce inflammation. Lipstick or toothpaste should not be used. Cold cream is one of the types of creams that doesn’t. contain aromatic substances and are not irritating to the skin.Excessive sun exposure can cause eczemaThey appear as red spots with fuzzy edges, and small swellings (bubbles) form on them which burst and drain pus, appearing in some people whose bodies are more susceptible to infection than others, and here retrograde factor is likely in such people, and sun exposure is always harmful for eczema The phenomenon, because the sun can be one of the causes of its occurrence and it is called solar eczema, and the The best way to prevent it is to protect the body by coating it with a liquid cream against the harmful rays of the sun.

“If you have personal experience with the risks of excessive exposure to the sun that you have experienced or have questions about solutions to beware of the damage caused to the skin following this exposure, do not hesitate to leave your comments below. below! “


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